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We are LVOGA

Meeting customers’ expectation is always the biggest challenge for any successful brand. Today eyeglasses are no longer considered simply as a necessary utility, but are valued as a fashionable tool that reflects the unique personality of customers. This is why we here.
We know that seeing clearly is the most basic function of a qualified eyeglasses, so let’s just not talk about it any more. We come here to meet the real you. If you want to know the newest trend in eyeglasses industry, or if you already knew that eyeglasses can be, and should be your fashion partner, or, if you know you are always beautiful, no matter what you wear, how you feel, and where you from, we have to congratulate that you come to the right place.

Cost more? Enough

Oh by the way we need to tell you that be fashionable does not necessarily mean you need to cost a lot. With today's massive production of frames and lenses, the cost of manufacturing eyewear is now more cost effective than ever. We at LVOGA Glasses are committed to eliminating this "pain" of needless, through-the-roof retail pricing. Our state-of-the-art factory has been producing lenses for North America for many years, offering us the lowest material costs so we are able to eliminate the middleman and pass those savings directly on to you.

Problems solvers - Our technology

LVOGA Glasses offers high-quality prescription glasses online to customers at manufacturing prices. With our patent-pending LVOGA Glasses Measure, we are revolutionizing comfort and high-performance design.

LVOGA is the first North American company to offer light-responsive blue blocker lenses, which protect your eyes from HEV light emitted by the sun and electronic devices (such as computers and cell phones) while changing tints to help you remain comfortable in all levels of outdoor lighting.

In keeping with our mission of providing the best value, we are eliminating many of the upcharges that are incurred when purchasing glasses. With LVOGA Glasses, included in the our price is: 1.56 index lenses, UV blocking technology, and anti-scratch coatings.

For those needing a higher index lens prescription, our 1.74 high index uses the most advanced technology to give you the thinnest and lightest lenses possible.

Giving Back

The unfortunate reality is that not everyone can afford prescription eyeglasses, even at our prices. With your help through our People Helping People program, LVOGA Glasses will not only donate a pair or recycle used glasses (like others do), but rather, create a customized pair of prescription glasses to consumers that cannot afford a pair. We are excited and committed to help people and we can’t wait to partner with you!

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